Speaking of user journeys...

My journey into UX started when I wanted a career change, and I reflected on my experiences throughout my life so far. After years of experience working in the videogame industry as an Animator, I knew I wanted to do more for people.

Through various community volunteering opportunities, I recognised that giving back to people was not only fulfilling, but lit a fire in me that has driven me forward. As an animator, I've gained an innate ability to understand people and life. These experiences shape my empathy-driven approach to solving problems, and being a positive force for change in the world.

My passion for creativity goes hand-in-hand with my passion for travelling. I have explored several countries, and I am also a photographer, capturing unique artwork with a digital lens. You can see my work on my Instagram.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! Now I'd love to get to know about you too if you'd like. Hit the button and drop me a line!

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